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On-Screen Marking
What is on-screen marking?

On-screen marking is a method of marking a candidate’s response that has been produced on paper and presented to an examiner for marking on-screen using a PC.

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How does it work?
Candidate's answer booklets are scanned and digital versions of all the pages are presented to markers on screen known as scripts.

Who would benefit from on-screen marking?

Awarding and Assessment Bodies including Professional Bodies and Universities would benefit from implementing on-screen marking and would typically realise the following advantages:

  • an improvement in the reliability and quality of marking
  • more efficient use of examiner skill sets
  • an increase in the speed of marking
  • a reduction in the risks associated with transporting exam scripts between centres and examiners
  • a reduction in the risks associated with the influence of a single examiner marking a whole exam script
  • real-time monitoring of marking progress
  • continual monitoring of marking quality
What is e-Marker®?
e-Marker® is DRS's end-to-end solution for scanning and marking paper based examination. It includes managing script batches through the scanning bureau, presenting the scripts on-screen for marking and a number of sophisticated automated quality control processes to ensure the most accurate results for candidates. 
 Whole Script or Item Level Marking?  

There are two ways in which candidate's scripts can be marked. Markers can mark either the whole script, providing marks for every question that a candidate has answered or they can be marked at item level where the script is split into individual questions or groups of related questions known as segments. These segments are then distributed to different examiners for marking using our specialist software e-Marker®.

Examiners log into e-Marker® at home or in marking centres and mark their allocated scripts or questions until they complete a pre-agreed quality. During their marking quality checks are performed that verify that the examiner is marking within the parameters outlined in the marking scheme guidance. Senior examiners and awarding body staff can monitor the quality checks in real-time and take action if there is concern.

What types of assessments are supported?

Our on-screen marking solution can support various types of assessments but most written tests fall into 2 categories:

  • combined question & answer booklets where there is a structured allocated area for a candidate to write in their response
  • separate question & answer booklets where a candidate writes in the answer booklet in an unstructured way highlighting the question number that they are responding to next to their response

For Item Level marking, our solution uses specialised software processes and techniques in order to segment both these types of assessments allowing e-Marker® to process the vast majority of written tests being taken around the world.

What to do next?

If you are interested in finding out more, book a one-to-one pre-evaluation demonstration with our on-screen marking experts. We’ll only focus on areas relevant to your organisation, making the whole process as productive as possible for you.

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