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Specialist Design 
Optimise the efficiency and accuracy of the data capture process
What is it?

Specialist forms design and print facility produces high quality forms that ensures optimum efficiency and accuracy are maintained throughout the data capture process.

Who is it for?

Whether your need is for:

  • examination forms, question papers and answer booklets
  • student feedback surveys
  • complex election forms
  • multiple contests on a single ballot paper
  • multiple voting systems
  • single transferable votes or multi-lingual ballot papers with photographs

How does it work?

Our in-house designers take your concept or requirements, transforming them into documents that harness the power of scanning technology, whilst minimising the impact of technology on the design.

What are the advantages?
  • DRS advise and deliver the best format to meet your exacting needs and requirements
  • our solutions allow variety and choice in paper sizes, formats and types including unique security and authenticating features
  • multi-page census booklets optimised for real-time recognition and processing