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Examination Script Processing 
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Script Preparation

All scripts that can be scanned, additional pages, white mail (materials not normally sent with the scripts) and the original envelope are placed in boxes and sent to the Script Logging station.

Script Logging

During this process candidate details are anonymous. The barcode on the envelope from the Centre, School or College is scanned to check that the scripts match the enrolment data provided by each Awarding Body.  Once confirmed as correct, a barcoded batch label is produced to track the scripts through the process.

Guillotining/Trimming of Scripts

Scripts are fed onto the guillotine to ensure a clean and consistent cut, which ensures accurate scanning.

The Scanning Process

Specially designed scanners are used by DRS to capture images of the candidates’ script. Quality control is at every stage of the scanning process.

  • the scanner uses the barcode to check the batch loaded is correct
  • the scanner will stop if a page is not in the correct order or inverted, allowing the operator to address the issue and ensure the script is processed correctly

Images of the candidates scripts captured, are processed as batches, and loaded onto the image storage area ready for electronic marking.

Script Storage

All scripts are stored securely and boxes are labelled noting the scanning batch and scanner to enable easy location of the scripts.  Exam Administrators can view this information from the administration application in the specialist examination marking software such as e-Marker®.

Keying and Data Entry

Logging Attendance Registers:The attendance registers are received at a keying station where candidate absenteeism is recorded and details sent to the Awarding Body.

Matching Candidate Names: Once loaded into the database, the details are checked against enrolment data and matched.

Script Segmentation

Using answer booklets specially designed by DRS, the process of “script segmentation” is automatically completed by the scanner software to identify the candidate responses to each question.  In cases of exception, where candidates have not clearly identified the question number in their response, manual intervention is required to resolve these instances.

On-screen marking of scanned paper examination scripts

Scripts are uploaded to specialist marketing software, e-Marker®

Paper scripts are scanned and the images distributed electronically and marked on-screen by markers.  Question-level marks and markers’ annotations are captured by the DRS on-screen marking solution e-Marker® throughout the marking process.