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Real Time Data Capture - high volume, high speed scanning

The DRS flagship PhotoScribe® PS900 series imaging mark readers are robust, network-ready form scanners which capture data in real time. The PS900 range offers real time high volume, high speed data capture and processing whilst supporting a variety of data capture options including OMR, image clipping, barcodes, OCR and carriage printing. With high capacity hoppers and advanced paper handling to ensure high throughput, the PS900 series can be provided as integral elements in one-off data capture projects or purchased outright for continual commercial on site use.

PhotoScribe® PS976 - OMR, OCR, ICR & imaging form scanner

The PhotoScribe® PS976 imaging mark reader offers full duplex bitonal or greyscale image capture and can process forms up to 18” in length. It sets a new standard in data and image processing innovation and has been used around the world to process complex and time critical exercises.

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PhotoScribe® PS974

The PhotoScribe® PS974 form scanner is the next model down and offers high volume double sided OMR forms scanning with an upgrade path to the PS976.

PhotoScribe®  PS971

The PhotoScribe® PS971 form scanner is the entry-level model to the series and offers single sided OMR form scanning and comes with an upgrade path throughout the PhotoScribe® series.

CD230 - OMR scanner

The CD230 handfed optical mark reader is best suited for primary schools that are manually recording attendance and assessment data on OMR sheets. It can be used with any computer supporting a serial interface and scanned data can be imported into spreadsheets and databases. The CD230 can also be rented.

A range of software solutions designed to integrate with the range of DRS readers are available to enable you to fully maximise the potential of your scanning technologies and requirements.

DRS is fully compliant with WEEE regulations and our number is WEE/CC0052TQ.