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Apr 14, 2014

DRS partners with Globarena in India as universities seek end-to-end examination solutions with improved marking standards using e-Marker® technology

DRS Data Services Ltd, a UK-based provider of electronic data capture technology used by many of the world’s leading examination bodies for scanning millions of exam papers every year, has forged a partnership with Globarena in India, following rising demand among universities in India for end-to-end examination solutions with electronic marking. Globarena is a leading technology provider to educational institutions across India and operates in the examination and eLearning space, providing its services and solutions to government education departments, universities and a thousand colleges across India. Under this partnership, DRS and Globarena will promote DRS’ market-leading e-Marker® technology in India, which is already used by several UK and international universities and examination boards. The two companies have secured a project to electronically mark about 3.2 million scripts a year at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada in India, currently in progress.

According to Raju VSN, CEO at Globarena, many Indian universities are turning towards examination automation and electronic marking solutions in a bid to improve the quality of evaluation. He says the technology will address many issues involved with the examination process, such as missing exam papers, or question paper leakage. Many universities also want to speed up the assessment process to ensure that results are delivered on-time, in a growing market already approaching a billion students a year.

“Examination process automation addresses the challenges being faced in the conventional evaluation process,” said VSN.

The benefits of electronic marking include considerable time savings and avoiding the logistical headaches of transporting millions of exam scripts to potentially thousands of markers across the globe. Markers can follow an allocated quota to focus on one question at a time, which improves the quality of marking.

“Automation of evaluation ensures quality marking and also enhances marker productivity,” said Steve Gowers, chief executive at DRS.

DRS opted to work with Globarena because of its experience in working with Indian universities and providing learning and examination and assessment solutions.

“Globarena pre and post exam solutions, and DRS electronic marking solution, will provide universities in India with a comprehensive and complete examination solution that’s secure, scalable, user-friendly and cost effective,” concluded VSN.

About DRS

DRS has over 40 years’ experience in delivering data capture solutions around the world. Specialising in examination and assessment processing and electronic marking, it also provides solutions for elections and censuses worldwide. Systems are implemented using the company’s extensive expertise in document design, printing, award-winning scanning and image capture technologies, software, logistics, project management and consultancy. As a pioneer of electronic marking solutions, DRS’ e-Marker® offers a variety of solutions for awarding and professional bodies, including the UK’s largest awarding body, AQA Education (Ltd), and the Welsh awarding body WJEC.  Electronic marking is starting to gain acceptance in many regions of the world and DRS has completed successful e-Marker® pilots in several countries including Africa and India as a precursor to further expansion overseas. Visit www.drs.co.uk for more details.

About Globarena

Globarena is a leading technology company operating in the learning and examination space offering a wide range of solutions to institutions. Globarena’s clientele includes prominent universities, well-known institutions, government education departments and corporate enterprises. Globarena is an ISO 9001:2008 and QCI–NABET certified company with a pan India presence providing the best customer experience. We have a dedicated team consisting of R & D professionals, psychologists and developers who synergize to design programmes to suit changing learning and assessment scenario. We are assessment partner with NASSCOM to deliver NAC 2.0 a benchmark industry recognized assessment for entry level job aspirants to the ITeS industry. We are the pioneering technology solution provider to Universities in enabling them to conduct of online examination and offer a wide range of services for end-to-end examination management that includes online candidate registration, examination conduction (both online and proctored), online evaluation, result processing and result declaration