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Dec 18, 2013

DRS partners in India to improve examinations and assessment using electronic marking technology

DRS Data & Research Services Plc, a UK-based provider of electronic data capture technology used by many of the world’s leading examination bodies for scanning millions of exam papers every year, has increased its representation in India. The company has entered into a partnership agreement with Edutech, a specialist provider of education solutions and technology to the Indian and Middle Eastern markets. Edutech will sell DRS’ market-leading e-Marker® technology, which is already used by several UK and international universities and examination boards.

“By using automated technology, India can look forward to far greater accuracy and speed of exam marking, not to mention increased reliability in exam grades,” says Karen Davis, partner development manager at DRS. “The DRS technology will also help tackle potential issues, such as malpractice and corruption. In a country where educational qualifications can have a dramatic impact on people’s lives and their future, it is essential that the appropriate checks are in place.”

DRS believes that the Indian market represents a total of around 400 million examination scripts to process each year.

“With over a million students in some Indian universities and each exam script around 35 pages long, there’s a lot of data to scan, capture and monitor,” says ASF Karim, Managing Director of Edutech India. “There’s also an overriding need for control and security; especially when you’re dealing with people’s futures.”

DRS says it chose to work with technology-led Edutech because its client-base and expertise complemented each other. With an already strong market presence in the UK and in other territories with a similar education system, India was seen as a natural extension for the business.

e-Marking is increasingly being used to help circumvent traditionally laborious paper-based processes for educational assessment. Using its scanning technology, DRS claims that what previously took two weeks is now being processed in less than 24 hours, without running the risk of delivery delays, losing papers altogether, or inconsistent, biased or poor marking.

“Electronic marking is not just about saving time and money,” concludes Karim. “It’s about improving standards, reducing malpractice and boosting the credibility of education in India.”

About DRS

DRS has over 40 years’ experience in delivering data capture projects around the world.  Specialising in examination and assessment processing and electronic marking, it also provides solutions for elections and censuses.  Systems are implemented using the company’s extensive expertise in document design, printing, award winning scanning and image capture technologies, software, logistics, project management and consultancy. As a pioneer of electronic marking solutions, DRS’ e-Marker® offers a variety of modular and scalable electronic marking approaches for awarding and professional bodies, including the UK’s largest awarding body, the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) and the Welsh awarding body WJEC.  Electronic marking is now gaining acceptance in many regions of the world and DRS has completed successful e-Marker® pilots in several countries including Nigeria and Malaysia. Visit www.drs.co.uk for more details.

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Sandie Simms
Marketing Manager