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Nov 22, 2011

DRS highlights new mechanisms for assuring marking quality at the AEA Europe Annual Conference

DRS Data Services Director for Electronic Assessment, Graham Hudson, addressed the 12th Annual European Conference of the Association for Educational Assessment (AEA) in Belfast earlier this month, presenting a paper focusing on new mechanisms for assuring marking quality and offering a framework to support secure assessment outcomes for learners.

The theme of this year’s AEA European Conference was ‘Managing Assessment Processes; policies and research.’The event specifically provided opportunities for policy makers, researchers, test developers and practitioners to explore comprehensively from the viewpoints of different disciplines a range of themes and contexts related to assessment and opportunities to learn.These included;

  • The benefits and disadvantages of current practices in educational assessment and their impact on learning.
  • The current state of the field of assessment (both research and practice), how it evolves and adapts to ever-changing educational policies and the learning needs of students.
  • Technological changes in assessment and their interaction with opportunities to learn.

DRS’ e-Marker® electronic marking technology is successfully utilised by the UK's leading examination awarding bodies and Graham Hudson has nearly 30 years experience of implementing and managing large-scale assessment within the UK.His presentation focused on the above theme of technological changes and more specifically new mechanisms for assuring marking quality.He was able to build upon research presented to AEA Europe in Olso in 2010, in which markers who may require additional guidance and training to keep to agreed marking standards can be identified early in the marking process.

Graham Hudson explained; “The quality control framework, based upon percentage double marking, has been applied to a further 50 examination components with a view to developing a common framework within which marking quality can be managed more consistently and I was pleased to be able to present the outcomes of the further work.”

He continued; “Marking reliability in high-stakes assessments is fundamental to the use of assessment data for summative and formative purposes.As the majority of the UK Unitary Awarding Bodies provide information for learners taken from examination performance, it is vital that this information can be relied upon.Electronic marking not only provides the means to capture the data but also robust processes to manage the quality.The AEA Europe Conference provided an opportunity to share thes processes and best practice, offer proven solutions and build upon them further.”

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