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Jul 22, 2009

DRS e-Marker® to be trialled in the Caribbean

The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC), which provides examinations and certification for the Commonwealth nations and territories situated in and around the Caribbean, is set to pilot DRS e-Marker® – an exercise which, if successful, could lead to full deployment of the education data capture specialist’s electronic examination marking solution in the Caribbean.

DRS is working with CXC to review the current examinations processes and identify areas where the use of new technologies could provide efficiency gains.  New marking processes will be trialled, as well as additional functionality to support the training and standardisation of markers.  As part of the exercise, DRS will supply all necessary training, infrastructure support, scanning and marking software applications.

Comments Dr Didacus Jules, registrar of CXC: “The Council is constantly examining ways of leveraging the available technology to improve efficiency and electronic marking certainly offers one solution.  In this regard, CXC is pleased to work with DRS, an experienced electronic marking provider, on this pilot project.”

Electronic marking provides greater accuracy of marking and quality control, improves speed of mark transmission, improves management data and improves post examination data analysis.  It streamlines the process for examiners, releasing them from many of the administrative functions of the conventional system and allowing them to concentrate on the key task – accurate and efficient marking.  Electronic marking also enables enhanced checking and quality control, which has a direct impact on the accuracy of the marking process. Security is also increased as the technology uses bank standard systems.

Graham Hudson, global business leader for examinations and assessments at DRS, comments: “There is no doubt that a move towards electronic marking has been instrumental in improved accuracy within the UK marking process.  Given that all students’ futures depend on the accuracy of examination marking, we see the international roll out of DRS e-Marker® as vital for ongoing improvement in the examination process.”

DRS e-Marker® offers a variety of modular and scalable electronic marking methods for awarding, assessment and professional bodies.  Designed to add value, enable results to be available quicker and improve accuracy and reliability of examination marking, e Marker® harnesses the power of real-time, award winning image capture scanners, specialist bureau services – either in-country or at DRS, and sophisticated software delivered across the internet, to securely capture item-level responses and marks from examiners.

Additional Information

DRS has the skills and expertise to manage data capture projects of any size or complexity around the world. Specialising in examination and assessment services, electronic marking and student attendance and registration solutions, DRS has four decades experience in managing complex educational data capture projects.

e-Marker® is designed to enable examination and assessment bodies to capitalise on improving quality through the flexibility that marking from image brings.  Approaches to marking that are impossible to implement at scale from paper-based marking are now made available through e-Marker®.

Complete solutions are implemented using the Company’s extensive expertise in innovative technologies, award winning scanning and image capture scanners, software, document design, printing, logistics, project management and consultancy. 

For more information please contact:
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