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Jun 05, 2009

DRS e-Counting delivers again in Scotland

DRS e-Counting solutions have once again delivered results efficiently and effectively in Scotland, this time in the Drumchapel/Anniesland Ward by-election.

This is the third occasion that Glasgow City Council has chosen the DRS e-Counting solution to complete their by-election count.  Building on the strong partnership, created during the delivery of the highly complex 2007 STV Scottish Local Government elections, the Glasgow City Council and DRS Teams worked hand-in-hand to deliver timely, accurate results.

Returning officer, George Black hailed the Drumchapel/Anniesland election a huge success, with results being available within one and a half hours.

With an electorate of over 20 thousand, the postal and normal ballot papers were electronically counted using three DRS PhotoScribe® scanners. With a 26.9 percent turnout, the papers were registered, scanned, verified and adjudicated where necessary by the Returning Officer and his staff, and the results were delivered just 90 minutes after scanning commenced.  The complex single transferable count finally went to five stages. If counted manually it could have taken around 34 people anything between five to six hours to process this complex count.

Glasgow City Council Returning Officer, George Black, said: “This is the third time we have used the DRS e-Counting system for a by-election and yet again it has proved to be a huge success. For this sort of election, electronic counting allows us to produce a result more quickly and more accurately than would ever be the case with manual counting.”

DRS elections specialist, Sonya Anderson comments: “DRS is delighted to have once again worked with Glasgow City Council.  DRS always aim to deliver secure, accurate results while reducing the administrative burden of counts.  It would simply not be possible to complete a complex STV election this quickly by hand.  By-elections such as these are such an important demonstration of what can be achieved when Returning Officers are able to realise the benefits of electoral modernisation technology.”

Additional information

DRS has repeatedly delivered accurate, robust and secure e-Counting solutions around the world. Its technology gives assurance that the correct number of ballot papers are entered into the count and each paper is counted once, votes are electronically recorded where the voter’s intent is clear, images of ballot papers where the voter’s intent is not clear are passed to election officials for adjudication and higher security measures are applied through audit trails and access controls.

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