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Apr 30, 2009

Peladon Software’s Automated EOB Processing Solution Chosen by MedAmerica

Reduced document processing costs and faster patient payment turnaround times are anticipated with DocXP™ EOB

Peladon Software today announced that MedAmerica, Inc. has licensed DocXP™ to automate the processing of Explanation of Benefits (EOB) forms and other medical records.

MedAmerica is a medical practice support and consulting company providing practice management products and services to physicians, hospitals, ambulatory care and occupational health practices, and correctional medicine sites.

DocXP™ will allow MedAmerica to quickly and accurately capture data from EOB forms and other medical records, validate the information, and balance claim totals and EOB forms.  MedAmerica anticipates a significant reduction in costs and an improvement in document processing performance, while remaining compliant with HIPAA guidelines, using Peladon’s DocXP™ EOB solution.

MedAmerica manually processes EOB forms and payments sent by insurance companies.  It is a labor intensive process involving the keying of data from paper invoices.  With DocXP™, MedAmerica will automate and streamline this process by scanning and electronically capturing the data from EOB forms.  The software populates the data into the appropriate fields and provides a balancing feature to ensure that the EOB claim amounts are accurate.  As a result, patient payments will be handled more quickly, providing faster turnaround times for everyone.  What makes DocXP™ EOB unique is its ability to handle thousands of different EOB form layouts on the front end, automatically read and extract the appropriate data and then output that data into a standardized format on the back end.

 “In today's challenging healthcare environment, it is exceedingly important to develop partnerships with vendors that understand our business model and provide high quality products and services.  This is a key factor in the success of our business and our ability to remain competitive.  We believe Peladon Software’s DocXP EOB product will help us to innovate and streamline our internal operations,” said Nancy Templeton, Senior Director of Technology and Business Integration for MedAmerica. “Ultimately, these efforts will trickle down to our customers, enhancing the overall experience with MedAmerica,” added Templeton.

“We look forward to providing MedAmerica with a high quality EOB processing solution,”said Noel Flynn, Chief Operating Officer for Peladon Software. “By automating the processing of EOB forms, we believe the DocXP solution will help MedAmerica reduce costs and improve turn-around time while maintaining HIPAA compliance,” added Flynn.

About MedAmerica

MedAmerica, Inc., is a nationally recognized medical practice support and consulting company that provides innovative products and services to support emergency, primary and hospital-based care in today's complex medical environment. Founded in 1975, MedAmerica provides practice management services to 1,700 physicians and 500 physician extenders at 120 hospitals, 36 ambulatory care and occupational health practices, and 8 correctional medicine sites. These practitioners care for almost 5 million patients annually. For more information about MedAmerica, visit www.medamerica.com.

About Peladon Software

Peladon Software, a wholly owned division of Data & Research Services PLC, provides automated data capture solutions for the Banking, Insurance, Financial, Healthcare, Legal, Education, Retail and Government markets. The company develops and markets an extensive line of document processing products, including the DocXP™ document classification, automated redaction, data extraction and data verification software modules.  Peladon’s products, combined with expert services, allow companies across the globe to reduce operating costs, obtain higher information accuracy and speed processing times. Using Peladon's solutions, clients become more efficient and competitive, allowing better, faster decision making. With the depth and strength of a parent company such as DRS, a market leader in the data capture arena for more than 35 years, Peladon offers the finest automated data capture technology, combined with world class customer support.  For more information about Peladon Software, contact the company at 858-634-5405 or visit www.peladonsoftware.com