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Aug 14, 2008

World Challenge document & data processing levels up by 300 percent thanks to DRS DocXP

The original schools expedition company, World Challenge, has deployed DocXP, an intelligent document and data capture solution provided by global data capture specialists DRS, to improve efficiency.

Before World Challenge implemented DocXP, the maximum number of applications being processed by one person in one day was 80; now up to 240 can be processed.  The increase in data analysed from feedback forms allows World Challenge to adapt to its customers’ demands, something of critical importance to the company.

Jenny Monro, Business Systems Manager at World Challenge comments: “As the World Challenge offices in the US and Australia expand we will be introducing DocXP to them so that they too can benefit from the improved efficiency and accuracy this system delivers.”

DocXP is DRS’ document capture, classification, data capture, storage and retrieval system that allows documents to be scanned and electronically filed with all the data accessible online and instantly available.  The functional offering of DocXP offered the best fit to meet World Challenge’s requirement, as well as being the most cost effective solution, providing the highest level of efficiency and demonstrating an ‘easy to use’ system.

With DocXP, World Challenge’s application forms, post-expedition feedback questionnaires and other feedback forms are scanned and processed quickly and accurately.  The data is then transferred into their own bespoke system which is easily accessible to all staff.

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DRS is a Microsoft Certified Partner and has the skills and expertise to manage data capture projects of any size or complexity around the world.  Complete solutions are implemented using the Company’s extensive expertise in document design, printing, forms scanning, software, logistics, project management and consultancy.  DRS is a member of the British Educational Suppliers Association and has strong affiliations with the global education sector.  Visit www.drs.co.uk for more details.


DocXP is a sophisticated, yet easy to use, intelligent data capture and document archive solution that streamlines the document data capture process. Built on industry leading intelligent character, barcode and mark recognition technologies and techniques, DocXP captures and processes any data from any type of form – whether the data is in pre-defined areas or in different locations on the document.

Sophisticated classification technology sets DocXP apart from all other competing products. Its ability to automatically identify the document type with no pre-configuration makes it one of the leading intelligent document and data capture solutions on the market today.

World Challenge

World Challenge designs and delivers outdoor educational programmes for school groups, from one-off, one-day UK adventures to six-week expeditions across the world and progressive programmes through the years. It helps young people achieve personal and team goals to develop valuable skills for later life such as teamwork, leadership, problem solving and communication, with every programme designed with the students’ personal development in mind.  21 years’ experience means that students and teachers benefit from a level of safety and service second to none, while the activities and amazing destinations guarantee an extraordinary adventure.

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