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May 21, 2008

Wolverhampton City Council pilot DRS attendance solution

DRS, the cutting edge e-Registration technology provider, is to pilot an attendance solution with the Beacon Council award winning 14-19 Development Team of Wolverhampton City Council.  The pilot aims to track and monitor attendance for students attending learning at more than one institution, whether it is a school, college or work based learning (WBL) provider.

DRS is providing an accurate and 'real time' e-Registration solution that will allow student attendance to be tracked off-site and for the resulting data to be automatically recorded and seamlessly transmitted back to the ‘home’ school or college management information system and dynamically linked into the attendance record of that student.

The introduction of the Diplomas later this year will require more student movement across Key Stage 4 and Post 16.  The number of Diplomas will increase from the five piloted in 2008 to 17, in which it is required that all schools (nationally) will be engaged by 2013.  In Wolverhampton, the curriculum framework required to facilitate the Diplomas will require two whole days available for Diploma activities.  Students may well be off-site for these two days at either another education institution or WBL provider.

The pilot is scheduled to start at the beginning of June 2008 and will run until the end of the summer term.