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Mar 27, 2008

Peladon Software’s Automated EOB Processing Solution Chosen by Janzen, Johnston & Rockwell Emergency Medicine Management Services

Significant labor savings and rapid ROI are expected with Peladon’s DocXP for EOB software.

SAN DIEGO, Calif., March 27, 2008

Peladon Software, a prominent developer of automated capture and document processing solutions, today announced that Janzen, Johnston & Rockwell Emergency Medicine Management Services, Inc. (JJ&R) licensed DocXP to automate the processing of Explanation of Benefits (EOB) forms and other medical records. Peladon’s reseller, JPI Data Resource, selected DocXP because they found the product to be the best in the market in its features and functionality and ultimately the best solution for JJ&R’s unique environment.

DocXP will allow JJ&R to quickly and accurately capture data from EOB forms and Emergency Room medical records, validate the information, and balance claim totals and EOB forms.  JJ&R expects to obtain significant labor savings and a very fast return on investment with Peladon’s DocXP EOB solution. 

JJ&R manually processes thousands of EOB forms and payments sent by insurance companies every day.  With DocXP, JJ&R will automate and streamline this process by scanning and capturing the data from Emergency Room chart documents as well as EOB forms.  The software then populates the data into the appropriate fields and provides a balancing feature to ensure that the EOB claim amounts are accurate.  

“We believe DocXP will save our organization a tremendous amount of time during EOB processing.  Not only will we remove paper documents from circulation, but we will be able to interface the data with our billing system,” stated Wayne Bradley, VP of Information Technology for JJ&R. “We expect this system to pay for itself in less than twelve months," added Bradley.

“We looked at many other automated EOB solutions and found that DocXP met all of the criteria for our client, JJ&R.  The speed and accuracy with which DocXP processes EOBs convinced us that it would work well in this environment,” said Jim Bergeron, President of JPI Data Resource.  “We found that DocXP provides a seamless interface with the Laserfiche document and content management solution already in place, which makes it the ideal choice for JJ&R,” added Bergeron. 

“We are very pleased that JJ&R has chosen our DocXP solution,” said Noel Flynn, Chief Operating Officer of Peladon Software. “The benefits of implementing an automated system such as DocXP, compound over time.  It’s a sound financial investment that pays huge dividends in productivity gains, operational improvements and service enhancements,” added Flynn.    

About Peladon Software

Peladon Software, a wholly owned division of Data & Research Services PLC, provides automated data capture solutions for the Banking, Insurance, Financial, Healthcare and Government markets. The company offers an extensive line of document processing products, including the DocXP document classification, data security, data extraction and verification software modules.  Peladon’s products, combined with expert services, allow companies around the globe to reduce operating costs, obtain higher information accuracy and speed processing times. Using Peladon's solutions, clients become more efficient and competitive, allowing better, faster decision making. With the depth and strength of a parent company such as DRS, a market leader in the data capture arena for more than 35 years, Peladon offers the finest automated data capture technology, combined with world class customer support.  For more information about Peladon Software, contact the company at 858-634-5405 or visit www.peladonsoftware.com.

About JPI Data Resource

For the past two years, JPI Data Resource has been the #1 reseller of Laserfiche® document management products in the world. With 13 years of experience and a commitment to researching, testing, and implementing cutting edge technology, the company offers document imaging/content management and Business Process Management (BPM) workflow solutions for the Medical, Financial, Legal and Governmental sectors. For more information about JPI Data Resource, contact the company at 888-581-8560 or visit www.jpidataresource.com

About Janzen, Johnston & Rockwell Emergency Medicine Management Services

JJ&R is one of the leading medical groups specializing in Emergency Medicine, Primary Care, and Occupational Medicine services. The company has been providing experienced, career-oriented emergency medicine physicians to hospitals across the country since 1974. For more information about JJ&R, visit www.jjr.com.