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Oct 18, 2007

Peladon Software's Data Security Solution Chosen by the City of Dallas to Proactively Prevent Identity Theft

Peladon Software, a prominent developer of automated capture and document processing solutions and a wholly owned division of DRS Data & Research Services plc, today announced that the Development Services Department (DSD) of the City of Dallas has implemented its DocXP™ Auto-Redaction software engine in the construction permit application process to protect sensitive customer data and prevent identity theft.

Redaction is the removal of sensitive information from a document prior to its publication. Peladon Software’s Auto-Redaction Engine, combined with CompuScan Imaging Solutions’ UBiQuati™ MScan electronic document management solution, is currently reducing the City’s redaction workload for construction permit applications by over 97% while generating $5000 in labor savings per week; a yearly savings of over a quarter-million dollars.

As with many other documents submitted by the public or by commercial developers, a requirement exists to provide the City with the submitter's Social Security Number (SSN) as part of the construction permit application package. Having a SSN on a document that will be available as a public record created a challenge for the DSD of the City of Dallas.

Instead of relying on individuals to request that their private information be removed (or redacted) from public documents, the City, in compliance with US Federal and Texas State law, took proactive steps to ensure the privacy of their customers’ information and minimize the potential for identity theft. Peladon Software’s DocXP™ Auto-Redaction software engine was integrated with the existing UBiQuati™ MScan solution to address the City’s requirements for the automatic redaction of SSNs from all Building Inspection Permit Application forms. The DocXP™ Auto-Redaction software engine is also being used to automatically redact 3 to 4 million documents in their historical paper archives. Additionally, the City plans to use the DocXP™ Auto-Redaction software engine to redact 60 to 80 million pages of its microfilm archive once the documents have been converted to electronic images.

“The addition of Peladon Software's auto-redaction capability to our UBiQuati™ solution allows us to achieve complete, accurate redaction of our archived application forms within a much shorter timeframe than would ever have been possible without it. We are very pleased with the ease-of-use and powerful features of the software as well as the flawless customer support we have received from both Compuscan and Peladon Software,” stated Debbie Jones, the DSD Department Supervisor for the City of Dallas. “It is our intention to look at the redaction requirements of the City’s other departments, and apply the new solution wherever it can provide a cost savings," added Jones.

“We are very pleased that the DSD of the City of Dallas has achieved such outstanding results with our DocXP™ Auto-Redaction software engine,” said Noel Flynn, Chief Operating Officer of Peladon Software. “We worked very closely with our partner, CompuScan, to deliver a solution to the City that was tightly integrated with their current document management system,” added Flynn.