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Nov 10, 2006

WAUSAU Partners with Peladon Software to Provide ADC Recognition Capabilities

New Partnership Expands WAUSAU’s Functionality in Healthcare Industry for EOB Processing.

WAUSAU, the industry leader in distributed payment and document processing, today announced a new partnership with Peladon Software, a developer of automated data capture solutions for the banking, insurance, financial and government markets, to add full document capture recognition capabilities to WAUSAU’s remittance solutions. ImageRPS, WAUSAU’s industry-leading remittance solution suite, will integrate with the complete line of Peladon’s DocXP suite of advanced data capture software, to provide innovative forms processing capabilities, especially benefiting the healthcare industry and its explanation of benefits (EOB) processing.

“Remittance processors are seeking enhanced functionality through the inclusion of full document recognition capabilities for their payment processing solutions,” said Nancy Langer, President – Enterprise Financial Solutions for WAUSAU. “This new partnership for WAUSAU further solidifies our dominance in the remittance landscape in providing innovative capture and document processing solutions across the enterprise for our customers.”

The integration of WAUSAU’s ImageRPS solution and Peladon’s DocXP suite is adaptable to any size organization. Offering a scalable solution from the simplest key-from-image, low volume application to a very complex multi-scanner, multi-operator enterprise, it simplifies the document management process. The new WAUSAU full document recognition capabilities are ideal for any wholesale lockbox processing environment and will further automate the processing of insurance forms, invoices, purchase orders, health claims, tax forms, EOBs, mortgage payments, appraisals and other complex financial documents.

Together WAUSAU and Peladon can reduce data entry requirements and costs, decrease paper storage costs, increase accuracy and speed of data capture and improve customer services by providing immediate electronic access to data and images.

“After an extensive search to find a full document recognition partner that could fully and seamlessly integrate with ImageRPS, we chose to partner with Peladon, because they demonstrated innovative document processing functionality. The automated document classification and real-time rules definition technology that Peladon provides us is especially important to the healthcare industry, where more customers are looking to automate and enhance EOB processing capabilities,” said Patrick Brzezinski, Remittance Product Line Manager for WAUSAU. “This tightly integrated solution will allow us to address all types of documents, including structured, semi-structured and complex. We are confident that this integration will allow our customers to obtain a greater return on their investment through our remittance solutions and save valuable time and resources.”

“The enhancement of WAUSAU’s existing line of payment processing solutions with Peladon’s DocXP suite significantly contributes to further automation of very labor intensive tasks involved in the processing of complex financial documents, such as invoices, purchase orders and EOBs,” said Noel Flynn, Peladon Software COO. “The financial document markets are seeking greater and greater streamlining in the processing of intricate financial documents, and DocXP, with its rich functionality and utmost attention to efficiency, can deliver tremendous cost savings to the end users.”

For more information, contact Katie McBreen, press officer on +44(0)1908 423760, or email enquiries@drs.co.uk.