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Aug 21, 2006

e-Marker® processes 4 million AQA GCSE exam scripts

DRS e-Marker® solutions were deployed across the country in processing 50% of this summer’s AQA GCSE exam series.

Involving just under 4 million scripts, DRS electronic marking technology was used by 6,400 examiners in their homes compared to 4,200 examiners last year using it to mark 2.5 million scripts.

e-Marker® is a modular electronic marking system that supports examiners and the marking process to provide direct mark capture of examination papers at the question and part question level.

A number of e-Marker® modules were used throughout this summer’s examination marking project to collect a total of 65 million marks from student answers. One of the main modules used by examiners in their homes was CMI+ (Computer Marking from Image Plus).

CMI+ was used to capture 51 million marks from 80 different exam papers for 1.3 million candidates. This module enables an awarding body to analyse exam papers by the items and types of responses required of candidates. The responses are categorised according to whether they are able to be automatically marked by computer, generally marked by markers who have been trained on the mark scheme or require expert examiners to mark them. The functionality of each is suited to different examination types and has differing characteristics and complexities.

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Katie McBreen
DRS Press Office
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