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May 30, 2006

First Parisian e-Marker® project hailed a success by la maison des examens

DRS e-Marker® technology has been successfully piloted by Parisian examining board, la maison des examens, celebrating the first major electronic marking project in the French education market.

Last week, 1200 students from 80 schools in the Parisian area sat the exams in Certification en allemand. The completed scripts were then electronically scanned enabling them to be marked on-screen with the DRS highly commended e-Marker® system.

The Director of la maison des examens and the 20 French markers involved in the live marking pilot applauded e-Marker® for its ability to add value and improve the accuracy of the examination and assessment process.

The use of e-Marker® means that examiners can mark questions or part-questions on-screen at home or in a marking centre. It also enables the examiner to mark almost instantaneously after logging on to the system. This technology not only speeds up the rate of marking, but can also provide invaluable information on how each candidate answers each individual question.

“We are delighted to be the first French examining board to pilot this technology” commented Eric Verhaeghe, Director of la maison des examens. “The introduction of this technology is a significant step in the modernisation of French examination processing.

The use of DRS technology will drastically reduce the administration time and cost associated with marking and, without the need to transport scripts, will go a long way in improving security.”

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Headquartered in Arcueil, Paris, la maison des examens have been running since 1982. Their remit is the organisation and marking of French exams at secondary and post secondary level. They administer exams for over 400,000 pupils, have 15,000 markers and set more than 3,000 different exam subjects.

For this project, DRS arranged for the translation of its e-Marker® software into French as well as delivering training to examiners and markers in French. The scripts were scanned at la maison des examens headquarters in Arcueil using DocXP software supplied by DRS wholly owned subsidiary Peladon Software Limited.