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Oct 04, 2004

DRS strengthens position in China with new Imaging scanners

DRS can today confirm that it has received an order for five of its latest PhotoScribe® Image Scanning machines from Chinese distributor Guangdong Morning Star Co Ltd. Based in Guangzhou in the South East of the Peoples Republic of China, Morning Star provide distribution channels to the Chinese examinations and assessment markets, and its continued relationship with UK based data capture firm DRS, represents a solid commitment to the far eastern examinations market.

The recently launched PhotoScribe® PS900 scanner represents the latest generation of data capture technology and is suitable for a wide range of complex and high volume data capture exercises. Morning Star will be selling the PS900s and accompanying specially designed software into examination boards and provincial examination bodies across China for the electronic processing of examination answer sheets, university entrance and student registration forms, and for general education use. As part of the package DRS is also providing training and support for the scanners.

Morning Star’s largest client, The Education Examination Authority of Guangdong Province (EEAGP), has used DRS technology for the past two years and already has a fleet of 13 DRS PS880 scanners (another model supported by the DRS PhotoScribe® technology platform), which were used to process up to four million forms for The Chinese National University Entry Exam both in 2003 and 2004. The new PS900 will be supplied to the EEAGP to electronically capture over 1.8 million examination answer sheets and processing is expected to take less than one week. These examinations will be sat by 230,000 candidates taking on average 4 subjects each and completing 2 examination sheets per subject. The examinations themselves will be made up of both multiple choice questions and also short answer essay questions, and will be marked on screen using Morning Star software.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to secure our presence and position in the Chinese market,” commented Simon Day, commercial director DRS. “This move represents our solid commitment to one of the largest and most important markets in the world.”

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