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Sep 30, 2004

DRS new Image scanning technology selected by Cameroon GCE Board

DRS today announced that the Cameroon General Certificate of Education (GCE) Board has placed an order for the first ever PhotoScribe® PS900 scanner to be used in Africa. The PS900 is the latest in the range of DRS sophisticated data capture technology and will be used by the Cameroon GCE Board to not only record and process student registration forms, but also to capture high quality digital images of the registered students and ultimately help to prevent examination fraud and student impersonation.

DRS will provide specially designed forms and software to work with the PS900 technology to electronically capture data from the completed student registration forms, and at the same time, record high quality digital images of the affixed student passport picture. The data and images will then be stored into a database, which will provide examination officials with the tools to produce Individual Results Slips featuring a copy of the student photograph. It will also enable officials to access a wealth of improved management information and reports to help with future examination development.

“This move represents a significant turning point in the administration of examinations and assessments in Cameroon,” commented Simon Day, commercial director, DRS. “This unique technology not only makes the whole exam registration process much quicker to process and more secure, but it also helps guarantee the identity of the students who actually sit the exams, dramatically reducing student impersonation which is a serious examination malpractice in Cameroon. “

"We are very excited about the unique technology of the DRS PS900." Commented Mathew Akoko, deputy registrar of the Cameroon GCE Board. “These systems can capture really high quality digital images of each form and at the same time capture extremely accurate tick box data from the forms. The use of these sophisticated DRS PS900 scanners and processing systems will further add to the quality of our qualifications."

In the future, the Board looks towards using the data and images to produce examination certificates with a copy of the students' photographs incorporated within the document, further enforcing the security of examinations and preventing trade in stolen certificates.

The Board will be using the PS900 to not only capture data and images from student registration forms but also from many other forms that are processed to help reduce the administrative burden of examinations and assessments as well as to help avoid the need to store these documents for long periods of time.

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Rekha Voralia
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