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Aug 04, 2004

Lloyds TSB utilise DRS technology for training evaluation

DRS has announced the successful implementation of its sophisticated Optical Mark Recognition technology to gather information from over 17,000 training courses and 26,000 delegates at over 20 University for Lloyds TSB, (UfLTSB) training sites around the country. The unique data capture technology, developed by DRS, allows UfLTSB to quickly and efficiently capture delegate feedback in order to assess individual training requirements, reveal whether training course improvements can be made and enhance staff skills.

When Lloyds Bank and TSB Group merged in 1995 so did their respective training areas. A dedicated department was created to specifically evaluate the company’s training and look towards future training developments. Course evaluation can be a time-consuming activity and in the case of UfLTSB it involved many processes, from designing and producing questionnaires, to manually collating and recording the data. Not only do these processes put a huge strain on administrative resources, but there is always the risk of human error when keying data which can lead to inaccuracies and time delays in incorporating findings into future training sessions.

The UfLTSB initially outsourced the collection of its course evaluation data to the DRS Bureau facility, however it has now purchased a DRS CD400 OMR so it can capture the data on-site. The technology works by automatically scanning the completed evaluation forms through a sophisticated scanner head at a rate of 125 per minute. The scanner electronically captures the marks made on the form and translates this into information which is then used to assess the effectiveness of training courses.

“The UfLTSB places high emphasis on the evaluation of its training courses. It believes being able to assess the effectiveness of the training is key to its overall success”, commented Tony Lee, managing director DRS. “Being able to capture the evaluation data quickly and accurately is an important part of the process and the specially designed forms and state of the art technology allows them to do this.”

“The DRS technology is reliable and extremely efficient. It has allowed us fast access to the information we require to keep our training as effective as possible,” stated Steve Mapp, senior HR manager UfLTSB for Lloyds TSB.

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