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Oct 21, 2002

Schools to save up to £400 by trading in old OMRs

Attention all schools! Save up to £400 when trading in your old CD210 manual Optical Mark Reader for a new model.

The CD210 OMR was discontinued from the range of DRS OMRs in 1998. All good things come to an end as we find support becoming more difficult and expensive, but it’s not all bad news!

DRS is offering its existing CD210 OMR users the opportunity to upgrade and make substantial savings at the same time. Save up to £400 on a new OMR when trading in your old CD210 model, it’s as simple as that!

Choose from handfed or automatic models to enter data from Attendance, Assessment, Reports, Exams and much more. Upgrade now to the CD230 OMR, a manual reader designed to handle low volumes of Attendance forms. Or, for schools using OMR for Attendance, Assessment and other data capture applications, upgrade to the increasingly popular CD360 fully automatic OMR, capable of processing up to 2,400 forms per hour.

DRS OMRs are compatible with all major schools MIS systems. Special OMR and stock form rental packages are also available.