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Corporate Social Responsibility
DRS believes that sound management of environmental, governance and social issues has a key part to play in the successful delivery of the business strategy and objectives.

It is a priority to integrate business values and operations at DRS to meet the expectations of our customers, employees, suppliers, resellers, promoters, the environment and the community.

Corporate responsibility at DRS is focussed on the following areas which are of particular relevance to what we do. The most significant areas continue to be:

  • relationships with our staff;
  • relationships with our customers, suppliers, resellers and promoters; and
  • how DRS's activities impact on society and our environment and contribute to our community.

These responsibilities continue to be supported by the Key Performance Indicators and are considered in the management of its risks using a framework which deals with the risks and opportunities directly connected to delivering the Company strategy and objectives. These risk management practices are informed by corporate governance principles and risk management. DRS's policies relating to corporate responsibility and the environment are reviewed annually by the Board. They are implemented throughout the business and are followed by our staff.

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Business Ethics and the Bribery Act 2010
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